Level placement is decided by instructors and is based on several factors including age, maturity, and experience.


  • Twinkle Stars Dance - Children ages 2-7 will love this program which teaches jazz, tap, and ballet. Children are placed by age and learn curriculum that will get them ready for their next level. Dancers will use their "Twinkle Bear" to help with some of the technique. Note: The 2-3 year old program will do jazz and ballet only and will not perform in the June performance.

  • Twinkle Stars & Show Stars (Pre Ballet) - Students will learn ballet basics at a beginner level that will prepare them for progression in levels. Level placement is based on grade.

  • Show Stars. (Levels I-II) - Students continue to develop their technique and begin to prepare for upper level classes in that genre. Dancers are placed according to their age and prior dance experience.

  • Sr. (Levels I-III) - Students in Middle/High School learn basic to advanced dance technique in that genre. Upper levels offer a challenging curriculum to serve dedicated dancers seeking an in depth experience or interested in pursuing dance and theatre professionally.

  • Choreography - This is an invitation only class for upper level Sr. dancers. Invited dancers must be enrolled in at least 2 upper level technique classes. One must be a Ballet or Modern/Contemporary. Please contact the director if new to our studio and interested in this class.


  • Ballet - A form of classical dance, usually graceful and precise, that uses formal steps to create expression.

  • Jazz - Dance that is usually upbeat and characterized by rhythms and a number of different styles.

  • Tap - Rhythms are made with the feet using special shoes with taps on the toes and heels.

  • Contemporary/Modern - Drawing from all dance techniques, contemporary is mostly expressive and dynamic and challenges the limitations of other types of dance.

  • Hip Hop - An energetic style of dance that is rhythmic and free and often uses quick, sharp movement.

  • Acro - A style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements.

  • Drama- Students will receive instruction in character dance and acting. Improvisation and theatre games will be utilized to improve acting technique.

  • Drama/Creative Movement- Students will use improvisation and theatre games to explore the world of acting and movement.

  • (Top Hats & Tails) Boys Combo Class - Students will learn Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop throughout the year.

  • Conditioning - Through a series of strengthening and stretching exercises, students will improve overall body strength, tone, and flexibility.

  • Musical Theatre - This class concentrates on dancing, singing and actors. A true triple threat!!

  • Private Lessons - One on one training is available in all genres. Time available dependent on teacher/studio availability. Please contact the director for pricing and details.

  • Adult Classes- Dust off those dance shoes or try something new! All adult classes can be combine with child classes for studio multi-class discount!